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  • Beauty: Lady In Red
    From pillar-box crimson to glossy merlot, designer ALICE TEMPERLEY tries out SS14’s most covetable scarlet shades

    My obsession with lipstick started when I was growing up in rural Somerset, England, on my parents’ cider farm. It was an idyllic life, and the polar opposite to the high-voltage scenes in the first black and white movie I watched aged 11. I was transfixed by the beautiful women in their exquisite dresses, dancing on screen in the arms of handsome men. I am not ashamed to admit that I fantasized about being transported out of my wellies and into that decadent world.

    Thus, a love affair began: I started making dresses and buying (too big) high heels at jumble sales. I loved the way dressing up made me feel – a dream that would not have been complete without a dressing table and lipstick.

    Of course, the black and white movies did not reveal the actresses’ classic red lips, leading to a catalog of unappealing pinks gracing mine. Then one day, a beautiful Bardot-esque girl came to the farm with her Breton top and perfect scarlet lips and that was it: we became firm friends and I was stripped of my makeup innocence all at once. It was, perhaps, symbolic of my transition into womanhood.

    To this day, I always carry a red lipstick with me, often several. In my opinion, there is no better way to brighten up your face and feel less mundane. I don’t mind forgetting to brush my hair, but I am lost without lipstick. Having tried and tested a lot, here are my essential SS14 lipstick picks to suit every mood and occasion.

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    Photographs: Claudia & Stefan / Trunk Archive

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