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    The ’70s staple is back, and if skinny-jean devotee CHRISTA D’SOUZA is convinced, you will be, too

    While this is a column about the return of the flare, I can’t help but be reminded of the time I bought my first pair of non-flares. The only people who wore straight-legged pants in those days (the ’70s) were physics teachers. But then the most popular girl at school came in wearing them one day, and I knew, immediately, that if I wanted to stay ahead of the pack I would have to do likewise. I haven’t worn flares since, and am now totally accustomed to having the circulation in my feet all but cut off by my super-tight skinnies. What will I do with all that extra fabric flapping round my ankles?


    Flared jeans flatter curves and add shape to a boyish frame like Jane Birkin’s


    Photograph: Jason Lloyd-Evans

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