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  • Top by Erdem; skirt by Simone Rocha; ring and ring by Jennifer Meyer

    In March 2013, Sarah Jessica Parker agreed to be one of the first-ever cover stars of The EDIT. This alone is a small indication of her spirit. Most celebrities of a certain strata will wait until you have proved your media mettle before committing to a cover. Parker had not seen a single issue – we were yet to publish – but she listened personally to the premise and promptly signed up. No game playing, no ego stroking.

     On that occasion, I interviewed the actress in one of her favorite restaurants, Sant Ambroeus in New York’s SoHo, and inexcusably made her late for date night with her young son, James Wilkie. I was left with a very favorable impression: genuine, eloquent, stylish inside and out. The ultimate woman’s woman, simple as that. 

    “I could spend my LIFE worrying about people. I feel SAD for situations people are in. You just can’t FIX them all”

    And yet, a year on, in a New York studio on a bright April day, Parker still surprises me. Emerging from behind the screens of a makeshift dressing room and heading straight over for an embrace, she asks after my children by name. I am so shocked that I don’t notice, until she moves across the room to stand in front of the camera, that Sarah Jessica Parker, high-heel icon, is wearing sneakers.

     Later, when the shoot crew sits down to lunch, it becomes apparent that such behavior is the norm for the 49-year-old actress. She remembers the makeup artist’s preferred drink (Diet Coke), compliments the stylist’s perfume and jumps to her feet in protest when someone offers to clear her plate. No matter how down to earth journalists might profess certain stars to be, this is exceptional. Mother raised her girl well.

    But what tips me over from admiration to adoration are the tears that prick Parker’s eyes as she recounts for me at lunch the next day – we are re-ensconced at Sant Ambroeus – the stories of the women she met the previous

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