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    Forget office-to-out footwear dilemmas – the midi heel is fashion’s new way forward, says CHRISTA D’SOUZA

    Do you ever find yourself traveling to work in one pair of shoes, then changing into another once you get to the office? Do you also find yourself changing into yet another pair to go out for the evening? Welcome to the club. Honestly, I was looking at my shoulders in the mirror the other day, and one side definitely slopes down more than the other due to the weight it carries in alternative footwear. If you look in the bottom drawer of my desk, there will usually be a couple of pairs of heels festering in there, too. If I could scoot about my day in teetering heels as some lucky women can, or indeed if I


    Alexa Chung adds just the right amount of prim to a leather mini skirt with a pair of chunky midi heels


    Photograph: Splash

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