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    “When I travel on a plane, I cleanse my face and apply KORA’s rosehip oil because it keeps it super-hydrated. Then I’ll spray a facial mist – lavender mist, rose mist or citrus mist. I’ll take all three of them!”

    Jacket by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane; top by Rag & Bone; jeans by Frame Denim; pumps by Christian Louboutin

    vegetable patch at the back of her house and she would teach me how to cook – all very simple but wholesome. Learning the benefits of eating organic food and the nutrient value was ingrained into me, then it was something that I wanted to learn more about because for my job I need to feel my best so that I can give my best.” 

    In fact, Kerr nearly postponed her modeling career to study nutrition, and is now a certified health practitioner, which has been key in founding her skincare line, KORA Organics. So passionate is she about the range that for her it entirely overshadows her more famous endeavors. “From my first photoshoot at 14, I never saw myself as a model,” she insists. “If someone asks me what I do, I say, ‘I have my own skincare line.’ I don’t define myself as a model.”

    Which isn’t to suggest that Kerr doesn’t enjoy the job at hand. “I like being able to find different aspects of myself and expressing them through a picture,” she says. “It’s fun. I might as well do it while I can. It’s not going to last forever.” 

    And just as with everything she does, Kerr is in full control of her modeling performance. On today’s shoot, she joined photographer Chris Colls and I at the monitor to give her opinion. Is that usual for her? “When I’m on a photoshoot I’m involved with every part of it. If I look at the monitor now, after so many years of doing this, I can be like, ‘Oh, if I move my leg a little bit that way it’s going to make the picture look a lot better.’”

    There’s an interesting contrast in Kerr. She’s bohemian in spirit, describing at length her belief that “every thought you think is powerful and we have a conscious choice every day to change our

    “From [the start of my career] I NEVER saw myself as a MODEL. If someone asks, I say, ‘I have a SKINCARE line’”

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