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  • Sweater by Bella Freud; shorts by Rag & Bone;
    ring by Jennifer Fisher

    thoughts and therefore change our reality and therefore create a happier existence”. She tries to seek out a bit of nature wherever she goes: “Even in New York I go to Central Park, take my shoes off and put my feet in the grass.”

    But she’s also supremely in control, both on set and in the boardroom in her role as Managing Director of KORA. She doesn’t know the meaning of ‘hands off’: from petitioning the experts in her organic lab to incorporate a new ingredient she has researched, to handing out her email address to women with skin conditions so they can let her know what effect the products have. “I really like the mental stimulation that I get from KORA, making executive decisions,” shrugs Kerr, smoothly switching lanes. “I’m very driven. I don’t ever feel stressed; I feel calm when I’m multi-tasking.” How else would she describe herself? “I’m heart-centered. I always look for the best in every situation, no matter what it is. Even if it’s something that’s sad, upsetting or

    disappointing at the time, I think, ‘There’s a reason for this.’”

    Her split last year from husband Orlando Bloom, the father of her three-year-old son, Flynn, would certainly qualify as a sad time, though the former couple appear to be on impressively good terms, with Bloom explaining that they will always be “family”.

    “We all have bad days and negative emotions,” says Kerr now. “But I’ve realized it’s important to sit with it and let it pass, and if it doesn’t pass, choose a thought that will help it pass. Focus on what it is that you’re grateful for. Having perspective is key.”

    And there are plenty of joyful

    “I REALLY like making executive decisions. I’m very DRIVEN. I don’t feel stressed; I’m CALM when I’m multi-tasking”

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