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  • portfolio. This is where the couple now reside, because life as a “rustic celebrity” in Tulum, Bonato jokes, got too much when she was pregnant with their son, Leon, now five. The Valladolid property, featured in The EDIT’s shoot, hosts Malleville’s side project, the Coqui Coqui perfumery, and is where Bonato sources artisans for her label, which embraces original Mexican craftmanship.

    The Tulum coastline now has over a hundred hotels, most of which opened to keep up with the

    “[Coqui Coqui] is just a BASIC little house, but somehow, it has turned into a PLACE that people LOVE”

    overspill of Coqui Coqui. “It’s impossible to go [to Tulum] now,” Bonato admits. “Every time I do, I have people in line to talk to me. We started something new and I think we gave hope to a lot of

    young people, which is the way it should be.”

    Becoming hoteliers was not part of the plan, but after the hurricanes, it was a necessary next step. “We had a lot of expenses and not enough resources,” says Bonato. “Friends wanted to support us and asked [if they could rent it], so we said OK. The donations bought new windows.”

    Such guileless beginnings meant that Coqui Coqui was a unique venture from the start. “When we started we never had a website; it was all word of mouth. I answered emails from my Blackberry, which only got reception in the sea,” Bonato says, laughing. “We were the first people in Tulum to offer credit card payment, but we had to do all the transactions with the guests in the water – it was the only way to get connection!” It only added to the hotel’s charm.

    Much has changed since then, and aside from Tulum and Valladolid, the couple now owns two other Coqui Coqui properties, with plans

    to open two more. Along with Bonato’s dedication to her fashion line, Malleville’s modeling and perfumery, and the couple’s boutique and restaurant, Coqui Coqui (which Bonato translates loosely as “coconut cuddles”) is undeniably a business. But in their simple yet stylish

    accommodations, home to only a handful of guests at a time, it’s easy to forget that. “It is just a basic little house; we don’t even have air conditioning in the rooms,” says Bonato. “But somehow, it has turned into a place that people love.” Such is the spirit of Coqui Coqui life. Book through

    FRANCESCA’s go-to pieces

    “I PREFER GOLD jewelry in hot climates, it adds warmth and glamor.”

    “I CAN RUN
    around the hotel in these, or wear them
    to a meeting.”

    “KATE MOSS knows exactly what women want to wear in summer.”

    Top and skirt by Miguelina; earrings by Dolce & Gabbana; bracelets by IAM by Ileana Makri; ring by Chloé


    Hair and makeup: Fernanda Cordova Miranda. Art direction: Gemma Stark. Fashion assistant: Alexa Valenstein

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