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    capitalized by starting her own website, oliviapalermo.com. “It came from my travels and my friends constantly asking me, ‘Oh, I’m going to Berlin, I’m going to London, I’m going to Madrid... Can you recommend any great spots to visit?’ So [the site] evolved through my experiences of travel, places I like, people I like, and shows.”

    It’s a small but very popular and lucrative enterprise, though Palermo isn’t satisfied yet, by any means. “I have three people that work on the editorial side on a daily basis, an entire team who handle the back-end, and myself. I have my hands full at the moment. I would love to start my own [fashion] house but it’s not the

    “I want to DESIGN with people I have a SOLID relationship with.We wanted to create shoes every WOMAN wants”

    right time. I feel like I can do it in stages and when the timing is right to do it, then I will.”

    In the meantime, she’s satisfying her design desires through collaborations: last month, she launched her first range of shoes with footwear brand Aquazzura. “I’ve known Edgardo [Osorio, the brand’s designer and founder] since his first collection and he’s become a great friend of mine,” says Palermo. “I only want to team up and design with people who I have a solid relationship with. There is a very small handful of shoe designers of whom you can say [the shoes] are aesthetically phenomenal and fit like a glove – Manolo [Blahnik] is one of them, and Edgardo. With this, we wanted to create shoes every woman wants in her wardrobe. Edgardo and I both like a little toe cleavage, and [the heels] had to be high. The heel is actually the highest he’s ever done, so it was a bit of an experiment, but I think it came out

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