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    They’re classic, sure, but now Breton stripes are also cool. CHRISTA D’SOUZA explains the distinction

    What do Brigitte Bardot, Kate Middleton, Pablo Picasso and Alexa Chung all have in common? They all look fabulous in Breton stripes, that’s what. Although, to be honest, is there anyone who doesn’t? Man, woman, child – everyone, I think you’ll find, looks good in stripes. It is just one of the many things, along with champagne and the LBD, that the French got unquestionably right. Not only is there fashion history behind the look (the uniform for French seamen in the mid-19th century included a shirt with 21 stripes, symbolizing each of Napoleon’s victories), stripes are also a fabulous

    French actress and fashion icon Brigitte Bardot, mistress of the Breton top


    Photograph: Rex Features

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