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  • Beauty: Ocean treasures
    The secret behind some of the world’s most potent health-boosters, seaweed boasts serious beauty benefits. EMMA HILL discovers why we should all be getting a big dose of the green stuff

    For on-the-go, time-poor women in Hong Kong, it’s seaweed soup, slow-cooked with barley; for the health-conscious Los Angeles elite, it is a spirulina shot added to a Chia Spa Smoothie at juice bar and eatery Clover Juice; for London’s chic crowd, it’s an algae-infused Crème de la Mer Spa Experience facial in the pristine new treatment rooms at Harrods. Top chefs all around the world add this delicious, alkalizing food to dishes for its unique umami taste. There’s no doubt about it: seaweed’s good-for-you credentials

    are growing rapidly – and the latest potent beauty products are reaping the benefits, too.


    From anti-cancer drugs to reducing fat absorption, scientists have long extolled the virtues of seaweed for our health – and helpfully, one of the greatest things about this nutrient-packed wonder is that it tastes good. “Seaweed is high in protein and amino acids, nutritional fibers and minerals, including calcium, magnesium


    Photograph: Art + Commerce

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