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  • The best-selling author tells CHRISTINE LENNON about her campaign for congress and why the only place to be is outside the box

    Photographs by WIND & BRADFORD
    Styling by ASHLEY ZOHAR

    Such a fuss has been made over the footwear choices of Marianne Williamson, the best-selling self-help author who recently ran for a Congressional seat in the 33rd district of LA, that she has taken to giving interviews barefoot.

    “I have this one pair of Christian Louboutins that are about 10 years old and one reporter talked about the shoes like they were evidence that I’m Imelda Marcos,” says Williamson, 62, padding softly across the wood floor of her LA condominium, a cup of coffee in hand. Dressed down in a pair of simple pants and a black and aqua

    Jumpsuit by Joseph; ring by Chloé


    PROFESSION: Author, speaker and campaigner

    MY STYLE: Tailored. Too tailored, I think, or more tailored than I want to be

    FAIL-SAFE PIECES: If I buy one more black jacket...

    FAVORITE ACCESSORIES: I have several pieces of antique jewelry that friends have given me. Jewelry given with love means a lot


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