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  • My style rules by Betty Catroux
    The Chanel model and Yves Saint Laurent muse is the ultimate authority on having a signature look...


    (Left) The style icon in her daily ‘uniform’; with close friend Yves Saint Laurent in 1979 (pictured far right)

    1 Have a uniform…  I’ve been wearing the same thing every day since I was a child – black jeans, a man’s jacket, a long T-shirt and men’s shoes. It is always black. There’s nothing calculated about my look.

    2 Borrow from the boys…  I wear men’s Saint Laurent clothing every day. I have never liked women’s clothing. Yves Saint Laurent used to force me into dresses when we went to parties in the ’70s. I hated it, but he made them look boyish. I suppose I’ve helped inspire the androgynous trend today.

    3 Less is more I don’t carry a bag, I don’t wear a scarf and I don’t wear jewelry. I wear my sunglasses every day and I’ve always had the same long blond hair that I cut myself. I suppose I am not very coquettish, but I like a clean look. 

    4 Know your style… I have never listened to style advice because I know what I like. My poor husband [interior designer François Catroux] doesn’t have a choice because I’m not about to change – I’ve had my look for years. I suppose he is rather fascinated by me; he sees that I have a strong personality.

    5 The secret to aging gracefully is to drink and dance… I have had many drinks all my life, but now I only drink white wine. I go to a modern-jazz dance class every day in Paris. I am definitely a frustrated dancer; it’s my passion.

    “I don’t CARRY a bag or wear JEWELRY. I like a CLEAN look”


    Interview: Jane McFarland. Photographs: Matteo Montanari

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