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  • Beauty: love your legs
    As summer dresses transition to fall’s coverups, the easiest way to be weather-appropriate is to bare your legs. KATE SHAPLAND reveals how to get them looking their best

    There is something
    incredibly decadent about toned, bare legs worn with a luxe cashmere or wool coverup. And it is all the more alluring if your legs have a hint of a tan, a gentle reminder of vacation days. With regular exfoliation and some clever products, it’s easy to maintain a golden glow; however, very few people are genetically blessed with a flawless, low-maintenance leg shape. The rest of us need to work at it, thanks

    mainly to three problem areas: fluid retention, which can be exacerbated by heat or flying; a lifeless-looking complexion; and lack of overall tone. But fear not: simply make a few changes to your daily routine to sculpt your pins into their best-ever shape – fast.


    The cause: The gatekeeper to great legs is lymph – the slow-traveling substance in the body that removes unwanted proteins and returns excess fluid to the circulation. You need to move in order for lymph to move, which is why if you sit down all day, your legs can feel heavy at the end of it. A sluggish lymphatic system can also contribute to cellulite buildup – as fat cells accumulate, less lymph can flow between them, so fibers stiffen and the fluids that should be removed get trapped. This leads to puffiness and that uneven ‘orange peel’ appearance.
    The solution: Eat clean. Cut out processed foods and opt instead for fruit, vegetables and wholegrains that are as close as


    Photograph: Chris Colls

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