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    Nicole Kidman knows it, the elusive secret to happiness. She exists in a pocket of positivity these days, a 5ft 11in radiator of warmth and contentment. Entirely fresh faced, haloed in beautifully wayward curls, impish grin hovering, there is something almost childlike about the 47-year-old that seems quite at odds with the polished, even cool Hollywood Actress persona that has identified her since her Dead Calm debut in 1989. But then, Hollywood Actresses don’t usually suggest meeting at a Formica-table-topped diner (Noshville, a family favorite in Kidman’s hometown, Nashville, Tennessee), so we are clearly not dealing with the ordinary.

    But in fact, Kidman is the most ordinary extraordinary person I have ever met. She is immediately, entirely, un-intimidating. She’s apologetic about her outfit (“I got really dressed up for you today, Birkenstocks and faded jeans!”) and about being a few minutes late – she was with her husband and they lost track of time. That

    husband is the reason the actress has lived in Nashville for eight years, and the catalyst behind her near-constant smile. In fellow Australian Keith Urban, the father of her two youngest children, daughters Sunday Rose, six, and Faith Margaret, three (the actress also has two adopted children, Isabella, 21, and Connor, 19), Kidman has clearly found the kind of partner it is easy to lose track of time with. “We watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and reruns of The Brady Bunch, that’s very much our life,” she enthuses.

    Of course, all this enviable domestic bliss is the flipside to an extraordinary existence, because Urban is also a multi-platinum-selling country star and Kidman is

    “I loved getting LOST in characters [as a child]. I was uncomfortable with WHO I was, so I created a fantasy LIFE”

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