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    Think you can’t do short skirts? CHRISTA D’SOUZA is here to dispel body hang-ups and change your mind

    If you have decent legs, chances are your recent vacation go-to has been the mini skirt. And why wouldn’t it be? Pants and jeans feel like such an encumbrance in a hot climate. And then September comes around, and the idea of a short skirt in town, on the street or at a restaurant suddenly feels a lot less intuitive (particularly if you’re not under the age of 25 or the wretchedly elegant and pin-limbed Hanneli Mustaparta).

    Don’t get me wrong – my knees and thighs are perfectly lovely, if I may say so myself, but you know how the Victorians used to cover piano legs in frilly pantalettes for fear of them looking too,


    Model Hanneli Mustaparta plays with proportions for a cool off-duty look


    Photograph: Blaublut Edition

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