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Heather Gibson

Sales & Customer Care Manager DC1

After years of experience in retail and e-commerce management in luxury fashion and beauty both in the US and UK, I found my spiritual home with THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP in 2010. As the Sales and Customer Care Manager, I’m lucky enough to work with an amazing team and interact with our smart and stylish customers from NET-A-PORTER.COM, MRPORTER.COM and THE OUTNET daily. Previous roles with Saks Fifth Avenue and Liberty introduced me to this sensational business, and here at THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP I get my fix of the latest styles and extraordinary brands on a global scale.

Amy Sakalian

Retail Coordinator Manhattan

Working for NET-A-PORTER.COM has been one of the best experiences of my career thus far. I used to sell to NET-A-PORTER in my previous job, so going into the interview for my current position, I was familiar with the company and how it operates. NET-A-PORTER had always appealed to me because it changed the fashion industry in so many ways. The level of service it provides, from both a customer and wholesale point of view, amazed me. As a customer and wholesaler, I felt that the company really valued your relationship and business.

After working for a small designer, I was used to a "family" working environment and, once I was offered the position within THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP, I knew it would be both a huge change and opportunity for me. Being the world's premier online luxury fashion destination, I was concerned that it might be one of those socially pressured jobs that you hear everyone in the fashion industry talk about, but I needn’t have worried. The company has a real family ethos – the family is just much bigger!

Fay Lam

Retail Coordinator HKO

It’s been a whirlwind being part of the new Asia Pacific offices and I feel thankful to have seen the growth the company has undergone in such a short space of time. Being part of the Retail Operations department means I’m in touch with not only the most captivating fashion pieces daily, but I also have the opportunity to get to know people from around the world from all different walks of life.

Working closely with the London and New York offices, I was able to extend my assistance on special collaborative projects, business development and efficiency ventures and was given the chance to illustrate and share my knowledge. Always evolving and thriving, THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP is about dynamic, positive changes and attaching our charismatic identity to everything we do.

Bonnie Wong

Trainer DC3

I love fashion, I love design and I love shopping; I love working at THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP because my work is related to – and a fantastic combination of – all of these elements. Working at The Group has inspired my passion for style and trends; being exposed to luxury brands and talking to the people who love them has improved my fashion sensibility. I really enjoy working at such an innovative and fashion-forward company and I believe joining THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP is a bright step towards making the world a more stylish place!

Ahmed Ashraf

Marketing Manager UK

I moved from San Francisco to London because this is where the fashion world and digital first collided – and no one was doing it better than THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP. I first heard about the company in 2007 when I was working for a fashion start-up and remembered investors (who had backed some of the web’s best-loved brands) saying that customers weren’t ready to buy luxury or niche fashion brands online without discounts. Thankfully, even back then, NET-A-PORTER was bucking the trend, and most importantly, cultivating a brand built on amazing product edit, content and service. Thousands of miles away, we were amazed that £3,000 dresses could sell out overnight, and I knew this was where I wanted to be.

Josen Rivadeneira-Aviles

US Desktop Support Team Leader
BLESS Ambassador

There are a plethora of reasons why I love working here at THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP. I could ramble on about how I get to flex my mental muscle every day, how proud I am of the role my team and I play in providing world class customer service, or even about all the fabulous fashion we are exposed to on a daily basis. However, all of those things simply orbit the essential reasoning of why I love it here so much. It really comes down to the fact that The Group and I are so much alike, and in that vein The Group and I can mutually benefit and grow from our relationship.

If you look at The Group’s core values you will find in my opinion traits that all driven people have ingrained in them. Be the best. Lead don’t follow. Exceed expectations. Service starts with you. Smart and stylish. I can personally say that no matter what I do or participate in, I personify these beliefs. The Group shares that same drive and passion in everything it undertakes. You can see this demonstrated on day-to-day basis by a variety of things too long to list.