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  • Top by Marc Jacobs; skirt by Miu Miu; belt by Prada; bag by Valentino; umbrella stylist's own

    “fashion Makes Me Feel Like The Other Version Of Myself, like my Sunday best. Just putting stuff on creates a feeling so specific and different than every day. Anytime you are in a fitting, it’s very much about you becoming something else, and sometimes it’s a familiar place, but sometimes it’s completely pretend. I think a lot of other women want to feel that. Sometimes I’ll be working on a shop floor and I’ll see a customer trying on a nude pair of the classic Sjp ‘Fawn’ pumps, and the conversation will go like this:
    Me: ‘Did you see the purple version of those?’
    Customer: ‘Oh no, I couldn’t wear those.’
    Me: ‘But do you want to wear them?’
    Customer: ‘Of course I want to, but I can’t wear them to work.’
    Me: ‘Why not?’
    Customer: ‘I don’t know.’
    Me: ‘Is your brain going to function any less well if you are wearing a purple shoe?’
    Customer: ‘No.’
    Me: ‘Are you any less capable if you are wearing a purple shoe?’

    Customer: ‘No.’
    Me: ‘Are you afraid that people will think you are less capable?’
    Customer: ‘Kind of. I mean, I work in a conservative place.”
    Me: ‘Do any of your [male] colleagues wear a purple tie every now and again?’
    Customer: ‘Yeah.’
    Me: ‘Do you think any less of them? Do you think that they are not taking their job seriously?’
    Customer: ‘No.’
    Me: ‘Do you want to try the purple shoe?’
    Customer: ‘Of course I want to try the purple shoe! Give me the purple shoe!’”

    Fashion makes me feel like the Other version of myself, my Sunday best. It creates a Specific feeling”


    Art direction: Gemma Stark. Hair: Serge Normant At Jed Root. Makeup: Leslie Lopez At Jed Root. Nails: Gina Eppolito. Set design: The Owl And The Elephant. Fashion assistants: Malcolm Hall; Kristy Haefelin

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