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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, adidas by Stella McCartney has partnered with NET-A-PORTER to deliver a series of dynamic, dance-inspired workouts by celebrity fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer.
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Art of Fitness Workout
Ready to shape up for the new season? Find the motivation you need to start the NET-A-PORTER and adidas by Stella McCartney bespoke video program by watching Nicole in action here. Her dynamic dance workout goes to prove that, with a few new moves and a high-octane backing track, fitness can be fun, fast and very fashion forward.
Mindful Moves
Nicole's training method combines fitness science with our body's seven chakras. For a complete workout that promotes optimal results, all muscles and chakras must be engaged.

Here’s how:

The 1st root chakra represents your life foundation and balance: focus on the legs and ground your body. The 2nd sacral chakra concerns emotional well-being: fire up the hip muscles and tighten the buttocks. Abdominal toning is key to the 3rd navel chakra, which promotes empowerment and being in control of your life. Find inner peace with the 4th heart chakra by opening the center of your chest. The 5th throat chakra is about the ability to communicate – express your emotions through choreography. Trusting your intuition and freeing your imagination is found in the 6th third eye chakra via dance. Feel fully connected spiritually with a cool down and stretch for the 7th crown chakra.