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12 Beauty A-Listers On The One Small Step That Made A Big Change In Their Wellbeing

From Kate Moss’s daily meditation and Gucci Westman’s sleep technique to Dr. Barbara Sturm’s lifestyle hack and Joanna Czech’s skincare tip, the beauty A-list share their favorite change for the better with NEWBY HANDS


Kate Moss on the power of meditation

Meditation is really powerful for me. I’ve had my struggles, as we all have, but anything that can support you is good. I’ve practiced and tried different types [of meditation] for five years and now I do a guided one. It’s about being able to stop and be in myself. I was doing 20 minutes every day, but now I do 10 minutes and that’s fine.”

Charlotte Tilbury on top-to-toe massages

“I committed to making some time for myself. All the Hollywood stars I work with put in the time to ensure they feel and look good, so now I have a Brazilian massage or facial once a week, or I’ll often do a facial myself at home. I also try to drink three liters of water a day and it’s made a huge difference, as my body doesn’t then retain water. My skin’s better and I have more energy, too.”

Sheika Daley on her cleansing hack

“I wash my face using mineral water or a micellar-water spray bottle. Because I travel so much, I’ve noticed that water is treated differently in different areas, and it definitely has an effect on my skin. So, to keep the water pH at a level that my skin is accustomed to, I spray [bottled] water on my face, get it really wet, take my gel or foam cleanser, then spray it again and wipe it off, and then do the same again. Your skin will thank you for it.”

Dr. Barbara Sturm on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle

“I’ve been practicing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle since I was 16 years old. I do daily exercise, avoid stress, protect [myself] against pollution and try to get enough sleep. But having a busy, growing business hasn’t always allowed me seven hours’ sleep every night, so last year I made a huge effort to get to sleep earlier. Having that extra hour or half an hour’s sleep has made a huge difference to how I feel when I wake up and my energy levels during the day.”

Shani Darden on the importance of less phone time

“I’ve focused on having more quiet time without my phone, so I’m more present with my family and myself. It’s not a wild change, but it really is something small that truly makes a difference in how clear-headed I feel every day. It can be a hard habit to break, but consciously setting aside time to be without my phone has made a difference for me personally.”

Gucci Westman on how to boost sleep

“I saw a sleep doctor to boost my sleeping game. I’ve been trying to improve my sleep by taking supplements such as magnesium and a sleep gummy with CBD and CBN. I also listen to pink noise at night – it’s a lower pitch than white noise and it helps filter out higher-frequency sounds that can be distracting.”

Tina Craig on her water upgrade

“I installed a water filter under my bathroom sink. I have always only used cold water [on my face], which is the biggest tip I give to everyone, but adding the filter takes it to another level because you’re no longer subjecting your skin to the contaminants in pipes.”

Joanna Czech on why consistent routines are key

“Consistency! I’m always consistent with my evening skincare routine. I now use my face massager, Lyma laser or LED every day, and I see the changes and feel and look better, whereas when I’m sporadic I don’t notice the changes. As we age, you really need to be more consistent and patient – and changes can and will happen.”

Miranda Kerr on gua sha

“One of my favorite additions to my beauty routine is a rose-quartz gua sha. I use it to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness while lifting and sculpting. I use it daily with my Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil, as it also helps it penetrate deeper into my skin. I’ve noticed such a difference in how much less puffy my face is.”

Sarah Chapman on yoga

“I started rolling out my yoga mat first thing each morning. I don’t follow a sequence, just some twists, bends and gentle inversions to get the blood flowing, loosen up any stiffness and counteract days spent doing facials and working on my laptop. Even if I only manage a few minutes, it’s incredible how much it improves my posture and mindset for the rest of the day.”

Angela Caglia on a French skin secret

“I haven’t washed my face [in the morning] for 26 years, after a fabulous French woman told me not to cleanse in the morning, only at night. If you go to bed with clean skin, then by morning your skin should be in an optimal state [unless you are acne-prone], so why disrupt that? I just splash my face with cold water and then do my skincare.”

Melanie Grant on removing temptation

“Now I’m in my forties, sleep is more important than ever. It really shows on my face when I don’t get at least seven hours’ sleep, so I’ve recently implemented a rule where I leave my phone in my office overnight. This has really helped me fall asleep faster and removes the temptation of checking my phone in the night. Game changer!”