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How Fashion And Beauty A-Listers Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Keira Knightly in romantic drama Last Night, 2010

Whether you have trouble nodding off or staying asleep, you’re not alone – in fact, up to 50% of us have difficulties. CHARLOTTE TILBURY, VICTORIA BECKHAM, PATI DUBROFF, ANINE BING and more share their best tips for overnight success – from sleep apps and crystals to magnesium baths and a notepad


Victoria Beckham, designer

“I love crystals and crystal energy. I have quite a few by the side of my bed. I hold them, and I like to meditate – or try to meditate – and relax. I have an eye mask, as I need complete darkness, while David likes the windows and curtains open. Dr. König [from Villa Stéphanie, Baden Baden] gave me a tip: rather than coming home and spending the evening lounging around in your pajamas (which we love to do as a family), train your mind to put on your pajamas later and then get into bed, so it becomes your routine – and I like my routines.”

Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist

“When I can’t sleep, I take a bath with Epsom and magnesium salts, as they really help you sleep – I use a whole bag to cleanse the liver. I also have my candles – I really like Diptyque’s Figuier and Roses scents – and my crystals around the bath. I find crystals are quite healing and I really believe in their energy frequency. I also play my crystal sound bath, which helps me sleep.”

Anine Bing, designer

“Sleep is so important to me. I go to bed between 9 and 10pm – that’s so early, but I’m exhausted, what with kids and work. We have a no-phones rule in the bedroom. If I do have my phone, I have a tendency to scroll through it, and then it’s suddenly 11pm and I’m still scrolling – so I have to leave my phone outside the bedroom. Instead, I’ll have a cup of lemon-balm or nettle tea, which is very healing and calming, and then I’ll read a little before falling asleep.”

Elle Macpherson, model and founder of WelleCo

“I always keep a notepad and pen next to my bed. It means I can jot down whatever I am thinking about, and it’s a great way to clear my mind and drift off to sleep. I also like to do a yoga pose that I’ve been told can help with sleep: I lie on the bed with my legs up the wall for at least 10 minutes.”

Gucci Westman, makeup artist and entrepreneur

“A hot bath does the trick. I often take The Nue Co. Sleep Drops, which really help with jet lag, and a cup of chamomile tea. As a last resort, I pop a magnesium supplement, too, which helps to calm me down.”

Joanna Czech, aesthetician

“My sleep has been transformed since I started using a weighted blanket. It weighs 15lbs, and lying under it really helps me relax and unwind. I love to read at night, but now, with this blanket, I get six pages in and I’m falling asleep.”

Pati Dubroff, celebrity makeup artist

“I take time in the evening to really get into my skincare routine. The longer I spend doing that, the longer it keeps me off my phone, ready for a better night’s sleep away from blue light. I try to have a bath every night and I use salts to help draw out impurities. I know that this is setting me up for a good night’s sleep. I’ll light a candle, too – I love Byredo’s Burning Rose scent – and I keep my phone out of the room.”

Chriselle Lim, influencer

“I’m actually a pretty good sleeper, but I do have the Gucci x Oura Ring [a wellness tracker]. When I see the cycle, and how great I’ve been sleeping and how great I feel [in the morning], it just motivates me to continue to get good sleep – so I try to focus on turning off at a certain hour. I have a little routine of lighting up my Fleur candle at night, and then I read for 15 to 30 minutes before I go to bed, so my head is in a good space – and not attached to my phone.”

Tata Harper, entrepreneur

“I do a sound bath for my family. I first discovered sound bowls on a trip to Sedona [in Arizona], and now I do it at home every evening with my kids. We all lie on the floor and the kids fall asleep as I create a soothing sound with the rose-quartz bowl. It’s very calming, as the sound vibrations from the rose quartz stimulate the delta waves in the brain, which makes everyone very sleepy.”

Roksanda Ilinčić, designer

“To help me fall asleep, I listen to the Headspace app and spend time with my daughter. I also love lighting candles before going to bed, and the scents from Vyrao never fail to bring that special calmness.”

Hannah Bronfman, influencer and founder of HBFIT

“Baths are a non-negotiable – I find that they relax my nervous system. I always add Epsom salts and mix in different essential oils, depending on my mood, such as lavender to calm, or citrus to uplift. I’m also trying to read more before going to sleep. I don’t really read fiction; I read more science and astrology books. I think we forget how connected we are to the universe, so I like to use this time as a way of interacting with the cosmos.”

Nam Vo, makeup artist

“I try to cut myself off from my phone at 10pm every evening. Do I always stick to it? No, but it does make me more mindful of my time. Then, I spray magnesium around my neck. I’m obsessed with The Nue Co’s Magnesium Ease. I also like to check in with myself each night about the day I’ve had: was I nice to everyone? Do I need to apologize? What am I grateful for today? It really helps me go to sleep more easily.”