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  • Travel: Best beaches for making a splash
    This week’s dream destination and what to wear when you get there

    Artist Residence

    Brighton, UK

    Brighton: home of retro British delights such as fish and chips, amusement arcades and, now, this charming hotel, perched a stone’s throw from the famous beach. It’s
    the little things that count here; a copper bath in the room; a stick of super-sweet rock on your pillow;
    and a full English breakfast in the
    café the morning after the night before. Just one more reason why Brighton rocks.

    Where to go...

    sleep on it

    Cozy up and watch the waves break the shore from a sea-view room;
    the red-brick café (right)

    An oversized nightshirt that
    will work for the office and at
    the weekend.

    Create a cool, relaxed silhouette with some fluid wide-leg pants.

    Pack a pair
    of super-soft
    leather sandals
    for a stroll along
    the beach.

    Massage this oil into skin every night for a brighter complexion.

    Spend the night


    Words: Olivia Wakefield. Fashion: Libby Page

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