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How to get thicker eyebrows

Thick, natural-looking brows completed a pared-back beauty look at Zimmermann SS19

Full, feathery eyebrows are SS19’s most impactful beauty update and makeup artist NIKKI WOLFF – the (unofficial) queen of brows – is here to show you how to do it. By CHANELLE HO


Fluffy, brushed-up brows instantly make a face look more youthful – check out the SS19 looks at Armani, Fendi and 3.1 Phillip Lim for evidence – and you needn’t be naturally blessed in the facial-hair department to achieve the same effect. Makeup artist and global ambassador for BECCA Cosmetics Nikki Wolff, whose fans include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Dua Lipa, reveals her step-by-step tutorial to brow brilliance.

The prep

“Brows should be as dry as possible before applying your products. If they’re damp or ‘sticky’ you won’t get the maximum dispersion of makeup into the hairs,” instructs Wolff. After cleansing and moisturizing your skin, leave them alone for at least ten minutes to properly dry, and use a tissue to remove any excess product if necessary.

The kit

“A brow brush is a must for this look,” says Wolff. Brushing the hairs up and out before applying makeup to them is the quickest and easiest way to find the natural shape of your brows and will help identify any sparse areas that need filling in. As for the star of the show: “An angled brow pencil is best if you are after a soft and easily buildable finish.”

The technique

“Create the illusion of a fluffy texture by mimicking hairs, drawing in delicate pencil strokes using a soft, upward flicking motion,” advises Wolff. “The key to having a natural-looking but fuller brow is to keep the concentration of product on the lower part of the eyebrow, keeping the top of the arch soft. This technique even works on microbladed eyebrows; just work with the shape of the blading.” Always brush through the brows at the end with a clean spoolie to soften any harsh lines from the pencil.

Finish the look

Finally, run an eyebrow gel through your hairs to set them in place, stroking through in an upwards motion. A tinted brow gel can help make your brows look denser, but make sure you blot away any excess and comb them through once more to remove clumps and to avoiding staining your skin. “As a final step, pair your brows with fresh, super-glowing skin and a bold lip, but avoid heavy eyeshadows.”



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