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  • Phillip Wain specializes in results-driven body programmes and the M6 Gold Treatment is the pinnacle. The Lipomassage machine counts Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson among its fans and is approved by the FDA as an effective way to break down fat and firm the skin.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: The technique isn't relaxing, but it's bearable.
    THE RESULT: You'll see a difference after six sessions, but combine with diet and exercise for faster results – it's not unusual to see 2cm drop from your waist.
    INSIDER TIP: Most effective on your waistline, where skin is malleable.
    PRICE: 855HK ($110) per treatment.



    The low down: Locals visit slimming experts Miss Paris for the Triple Burn Method. After warming up in a sauna pod, you'll be placed on a vibrating bed, pricked with acupuncture needles and zapped with electric currents. Finally, you'll be ensconced in a high-

    intensity metallic heat wrap for 15 minutes.
    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: It's a two-hour treatment and you will be pushed and pulled for most of the time.
    THE RESULT: Expect to lose between 5-10kg over two months.
    INSIDER TIP: Book in for an afternoon appointment – you'll be too tired to do much afterwards.

    PRICE: ¥1,380 ($225) for two hours.


    Rio de Janeiro

    THE LOW DOWN: Amaderm's PowerSHAPE machine is the latest in body-contouring technology. It combines lasers, radio frequency and vacuum pressure to process fat and tighten skin.

    DISCOMFORT LEVEL: Fairly high, due to the vacuum's 'skin grabbing.
    THE RESULT: Noticeable slimming in targeted body parts, but you will need six courses to see inch-loss around softer areas, like the waist.
    INSIDER TIP: Be specific about the exact section you want to treat to see fast results.
    PRICE: R$400 ($200) per session.

    “The BENEFITS of a 20-minute [Body Conturing Program] treatment are akin to a series of WORKOUTS”

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