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  • Beauty:deadly sins
    Whether it is over-plucking brows or forgetting to remove makeup, EMMA STRENNER has the answers for kicking those bad beauty habits

    1. LUST:

    Following trends slavishy

    You may have fallen in love with FW13’s head-turning trends, but can you actually pull them off? The golden rule of makeup is "Wear what works for you". What looks great on a model after hours of preening might not translate to real life.
    The virtuous path: Take just a few details from a runway trend for an updated look. “Keep makeup wearable with one new element thrown in, such as a texture, like a matte lip,” says MAC senior artist Pablo Rodriguez. “Anything that

    mimics the natural hues in your skin will work for you, such as neutral eye colors,” he adds. MAC Eye Shadow in Shroom is a classic.

    2. GLUTTONY:

    Applying too much product

    When skin is dry, it is tempting to slather it in moisturizer. The reality, though, is that too much product can overload pores, making it impossible to absorb any creams.
    The virtuous path: According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting (, “the key is finding the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type and using it only where needed". For oily skin, she recommends Bioderma Sébium Hydra Cream; for drier skin, try Obagi Medical Hydrate Moisturizer; and for very sensitive skin, she suggests La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid.

    3. GREED:

    Over-plucking eyebrows

    In the quest for perfectly groomed brows, it is easy to get carried away with plucking. Uneven, thin brows can dramatically age your face.


    Photograph: Marcus Ohlsson / Trunk Archive

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