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  • Beauty: The beach-fast rules
    Who has the time for a complex skincare regime? The latest innovations do all the hard work for you, says EMMA STRENNER

    Allow us to introduce your next low-maintenance, high-impact beauty trend: time-release technology. It is a new breakthrough in skincare that is easing the way for beauty’s holy grail: hassle-free, potent anti-aging formulas. After all, what more do you want from your moisturizer than powerful ingredients that will fight all your skin foibles, from wrinkles to excess shine, delivering the exact dose you need without any side effects? Time-release technology involves the

    delivery to the skin of the most active and effective ingredients in your skincare product in encapsulated form, which means it can be released gradually into the skin over a longer period of time, ensuring that you get the right dose, exactly when you need it.

    The world of medicine cracked the time-release code 30 years ago, but it is only now that the beauty world has begun to reap these benefits. “There’s a real validity to topical time-release products,” says Dr David E. Bank, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Centre. He believes they are the logical sequel to time-release oral medications. “The goal is the same: minimal side effects but maximum benefits. Like any time-release pill, you want evenly distributed concentration.”

    The importance of time-release technology is evident at Chanel, whose latest and biggest skincare launch this year is the Le Jour/La Nuit/Le Weekend line. This is based on research that reveals your skin’s changing needs throughout the

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