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  • Beauty: The beach-fast rules
    Get the derrière you’ve always dreamed of with The EDIT’s global glute experts, as they share their
    top tips for the perfect bottom.

    While dieting and exercise can deliver results elsewhere on the body, many of us find that after years of squats, lunges and non-fat lattes, a perfect posterior still eludes us. The bottom shape you’ll be blessed with and how much cellulite will dimple its surface throughout your life is largely dictated by genetics and hormones. But obviously improvementscan be made, so what are we doing wrong?

    “When it comes to your bottom,
    a low-fat diet can actually exacerbate cellulite and excess

    weight,” says barrecore founder Niki Rein (, the woman responsible for Jourdan Dunn’s model behind. “Proteins mutate when the fat is removed, creating more inflammation in that area.” And what’s lacking in our workouts? “Not enough variety and knowledge,” says Justin Gelband, co-founder of ModelFit ( “It is actually very easy to tackle your butt, you just need to know how to motivate it to activate it.” Here’s how to bring up the rear…

    Rethink Your Diet

    “Fat accumulation on the bottom reflects raised levels of the hormone estrogen,” says Niki Rein. “By supporting estrogen metabolism with cruciferous veg like broccoli and cabbage, and antioxidants in flax seeds and berries, you can reduce the fat and focus on building muscle.”

    The gluteus maximus muscles also need fuel, says Danielle DuBoise, co-founder of Sakara Life, the health food delivery program favored by Victoria’s Secret


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