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  • next season. I’m not interested in that,” says Veronica Etro, Gimmo’s daughter and the label’s Creative Director of Womenswear. “I prefer to make pieces women want to keep in their wardrobe and collections that are timeless.”

    It is this grounded approach that has always made the brand so appealing to women, and it stems from Veronica herself, who often designs with her day-to-day life in mind. Sure, on vacation you’ll find her in printed dresses and palazzo pants but, as a busy working mother of two sons, her default uniform consists of black pants, a printed blouse and flats (“I can’t be bothered to wear heels. I don’t have time and I suffer too much”) and her collections neatly reflect 

    “It’s Dangerous to be part of trends; you can be thrown away the next Season. I make pieces that are Timeless

    If the key to success in today’s ever-evolving fashion landscape is having an ironclad brand signature that fans can really buy into, then Etro is way ahead of the game. Since it was founded by Gerolamo ‘Gimmo’ Etro in 1968, the Italian textiles-turned- fashion label has fine-tuned its hallmarks – a fusion of paisley, print, color and eclectic spirit – and quietly got on with the business of creating beautifully crafted clothes without worrying about what everyone else is doing.

    But over the past three seasons it has slowly, surely and deliberately transformed into not just a go-to for artisanal staples, but a fashion-forward one-to-watch. First came the oh-so-desirable dresses, then came the effortless personality- laden jackets and the shoes that launched a thousand (and then some) wish lists. So how did a 50-year-old label stealthily start creating the most-wanted pieces of the season, every season?

    “I always think it’s dangerous to be part of the latest trend because then you can be thrown away the


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