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  • how I need to better myself – the people there are so incredibly grounded, honest and real. I love that more than anything. My last trip back was March this year with my husband and two children. My own childhood memories play a huge part in making the place feel so special and nostalgic, so to create new memories with my family in the place I grew up is a remarkable feeling. We relax on
    the beach until the sun goes down, go for long walks, eat picnics and walk barefoot to the local dairy for ice cream.”

    Francesca Bonato

    Italian co-founder of Coqui Coqui Tulum

    “I had always felt a connection to Mexico that I couldn’t explain. I 

    “We were so in Love and so Free, with no responsibilities except for Having Fun

    Diane Kordas

    gorgeous guy called Steve who left for his hometown, Athens, then wrote me a letter begging me to come and explore the Greek islands with him. I told my godmother who said I had to go and follow my heart. It was the
    first time I had traveled so far
    from home; the first time I saw water so blue and translucent to the very bottom. We were so in
    love and so free, with no responsibilities except for having fun! We took fishing boats to the beaches, motorcycled through the mountains and immersed
    ourselves in the routine of the
    local islanders. From then on I understood my future would not
    be in one place. Now Steve and I, plus our daughters, Alexandra and Kristi, all share the beauty and memories of the islands together
    in our summer home in Mykonos.”

    Emilia Wickstead

    British designer

    “In London work is very busy so
    it’s important to take time out,
    give your mind a rest and reconnect. Every time I go home
    to New Zealand I’m reminded of 

    Dress by LoveShackFancy; hat by Sensi Studio


    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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