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  • Jacket by Balmain; 

    top by Dolce & Gabbana; shorts 

    and bag by Chloé

    invested in a raw vegan chain in Copenhagen [], which is doing great. I drink, but if I’m trying to be healthy, I’ll cut it out for a while. Because I drink every night otherwise; I really like a glass of red wine. I have to fall asleep on the plane! But I’ve never loved the feeling of being drunk, so I stop when I feel it.”

    It’s All About The Lashes

    “I really don’t have a beauty routine; I’m very lucky with my skin. I get cold sores once in a while, and my hair is very dry, but otherwise I put on cream when I remember and I try to take off my makeup every day. I swear by [makeup remover] BioDerma; [makeup artist] Pat McGrath recommended it to me when I was 15. I’m also obsessed with eyelash curlers. In my handbag I’ll just have my phone, lip balm, my headphones, my eyelash curlers and mascara.”

    Fun Comes Before Fashion

    “I would describe my style as casual. I love bags and shoes and jewelry, but because I’m around

    trends at work I don’t buy them. I have my pieces that I love, like a nice white jacket and amazing jeans, and I’ll wear them all the time. I don’t like to wear heels during the day because I’m so tall. I don’t feel comfortable with my chest hanging out, so I never do anything that’s open. If I do it’s an open jacket, which looks cool. I don’t like booby stuff. And also I’m very social, so if I’m at a dinner or an event I don’t go to look great, I go to have a good time. If I’m uncomfortable, I’m not going to stay. I’ve seen a lot of girls come and then leave because their shoes hurt or something. I would never do that. I’m always like, ‘Where’s the food? Let’s hang out!’”

    “I wasn’t Born with a six pack or a tight belly. I don’t look like that Naturally. I had to really work Hard


    Art direction: Gemma Stark. Hair: Brian Buenaventura at Management Artists. Makeup: Mariel Barrera at Joe Management. Nails: Honey at Exposure Ny. Fashion assistant: Malcolm Hall. Production: Red Hook Labs

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