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  • stripping the epidermis – the skin layer that protects our body from water loss and external damage. It may sound abrasive, but your skin can take it, promises dermatologist Dr Stefanie Williams, Medical Director of European Dermatology London: “Skin is perfectly capable of using this trigger in a positive way to boost regeneration.”

    It’s the kind of treatment you can safely try at home due to the shallower needles, which are still deep enough for penetration of products. “Think of it as good prep for your skin if you’re applying products containing peptides, Dmae and hyaluronic acid afterward,” says Chapman.

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    Not quite ready to brave a
    laser treatment? There is a
    new, more affordable, less
    invasive alternative that offers similar results. Microneedling uses a pen or roller pad of extra-fine needles. “It creates small injuries,
    stimulating the skin’s repair cycle
    and the production of collagen and
    elastin, reducing lines, wrinkles,
    discoloration and scars,” says
    cosmetic specialist Dr Maryam
    Zamani. “The at-home devices
    have a shallower penetration – less
    than 0.1mm – than those used in a
    clinical setting, which can measure
    up to 2mm and are applied with
    anesthetic cream.”

    It’s a natural way to achieve the
    effects of chemical peels and
    fractional laser technology without

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    Repaired, rejuvenated skin without the need for lasers? Grace Timothy reports


    Photograph: Laurent Darmon / Trunk Archive

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