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  • Blazer by Balmain;
    jumpsuit by Alice +
    Olivia; pumps by Dolce
    & Gabbana; choker by Eddie Borgo

    Jf: It’s an epidemic…
    Bl: What do you say to those who think ‘celebrities’ don’t have a right to speak their mind on issues?
    Everyone has the right to
    speak up; it doesn’t matter what
    you do. Whenever there’s been an important revolution or social upheaval, artists, actors, writers
    and poets are always the people
    that can reach into areas that
    politics can’t. Recently I was in
    Alberta speaking out against the
    [oil] pipelines. Walking through the airport, people were screaming,
    “Go home, we don’t want you here.”
    If you know you’re right – even
    when people call you bad words
    – you can keep going.
    Bl: It can get wild out there when
    you start speaking up, especially on social media. I’ve been getting a lot
    of backlash recently. People say I’m
    an “elite”; that I don’t know what
    I’m talking about. When so many people tell you that, it’s easy to start believing it.

    Jf: It means you’re having an effect. People want to silence you. If it didn’t matter, no one would bother saying, “Shut up.”
    Bl: Did you ever feel that speaking 

    out would hurt your career?
    I didn’t become an activist until
    I was 31. When I found out what
    was really happening in Vietnam I
    didn’t care if I ever worked again; I considered leaving the business to become a full-time activist. My
    father was terrified for me. He remembered the ’50s when
    people’s careers were destroyed.
    It’s possible the [Hollywood]
    blacklist will be brought back.
    Bl: Thank you for how vocal you were and are. It has paved the way for so many of us. Now [celebrities] don’t speak from the backseat because we’re afraid we’re going to lose our career. I’d put it all on the line and be an activist for the rest of my life because it doesn’t feel right to me to be quiet.
    Your activism can be brought

    Everyone has the
    right to speak up. Artists, Actors and writers can reach into areas Politics can’t”


    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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