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  • the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne, while the couple house-hunt in Greenwich Village. But finding somewhere to live is taking something of a back seat because, career-wise, Sevigny is on fire. She has six films out this year, including The Snowman, with Michael Fassbender; Look Away, with Matthew Broderick; and Lean on Pete, with Steve Buscemi. Plus, she’s directed a short film, Carmen, as part of Miu Miu’s film initiative, Women’s Tales. But we’re here to talk about The Dinner, a character-led thriller with Richard Gere, Steve Coogan, Laura Linney and Rebecca Hall, adapted from Herman Koch's 2009 novel. After the film’s European premiere, Koch reportedly said he didn’t like it.

    “Oh, really?” says Sevigny, unfazed. “I haven’t actually seen the film. Or the trailer. Or read the book. I’m clearly ill-prepared for this interview,” she deadpans. “When I met with Oren [Moverman, the director] about the script, he said they'd made a lot of changes. I really like Oren. He was refreshing; he didn’t have any pomposity. So many directors are ego-driven.”

    Chloë Sevigny hates being interviewed. “I get so bored,” she laments. “I tend to speak out of turn and get myself in trouble, because I’ve bored myself. It depends where I am in my cycle,” she finishes with a laugh.

    I’m unsure where Sevigny is in her cycle right now – and it feels like an over-step to ask – but when we meet for tea in New York’s East Village to discuss her “pretty wild year”, the 42-year-old actress emits a deliciously opinionated, low-key wrath on everything from the media’s critique of women to the escalating egos of film directors.

    The actress is technically homeless at the moment. She and her boyfriend, Ricky Saiz, co-head designer for skate brand Supreme, are staying with a friend, Orange Is

    “I’m always on the Quest for the perfect kilt skirt and the perfect pair of Jeans. I think Every woman is”

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    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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