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  • boys into my house all the time.
    We lived in a tiny little house in Yorkshire with a tiny little landing, and one night my boyfriend got up to have a wee and found my mum sitting naked on the toilet. She was screaming, he was screaming, and my dad comes out of the bedroom and literally chased him out of the house, naked.

    Mw: Now that you’re a mother, do you worry about what your kids
    are going to get up to?

    Lh: Yes, and that’s why my mum loves to say, “There’s karma.” I was talking to a colleague the other
    day about raising children, and I said, “I’ve got a son [Wylie, seven] and a daughter [Teddy, two], and I know my son is going to enjoy his

    “This season, Cersei has lost everything. She’s a Horrible cow to one character… It’s quite Loathsome

    Maisie Williams: What, for you, has been Cersei’s best moment?

    Lena Headey: I think the highlight was [last season] when she blew up the Great Sept of Baelor, then just enjoyed her wine. And this season coming, because she’s lost everything. Whatever
    was good [in her life] has been erased and she’s a horrible cow to one particular character… It’s really quite loathsome.

    Mw: Was the explosion in the Sept when you liked her least?

    Lh: No! I thought that was great. The High Sparrow [played by Jonathan Pryce] was yet another man who came along and was like, “I’m going to manipulate you.” So I think her revenge… Well, I was like, “Yes! F*** you!” And she took out Margaery Tyrell [Natalie
    Dormer] and her low-cut blouse. Bye, perky tits.

    Mw: You’ve told me that you were a rebellious teenager…

    Lh: [Laughs] Yes, I would sneak

    Coat, sweater, skirt
    and boots by Prada;
    socks by Maria La Rosa


    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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