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    and the fear and channel it into productivity. To push yourself in whatever you do, for yourself and your community. By reaching our full potential, we can prove racist and prejudiced people wrong. So I say use that fear, use that anger, use that frustration as an energy
    to make yourself be the best you can possibly be, and set yourself as an example to others.

    Happiness Is
    Being present and being inspired, especially by the simple things in life. Happiness doesn’t come from the satisfaction of having a great career, but from the satisfaction of being proud of your choices. When I’m unhappy, sometimes I become
    a b***h. Sometimes I drink a beer. It works. Sometimes I take a bath
    – I am not a water sign but I’m a water creature, happiest when diving. Another thing that helps is music: I like all kinds. I also meditate. I breathe. But first, I become a b***h.
    The Hitman’s Bodyguard is out August 17 (Uk); August 18 (Us)

    sound like Beatriz [Hayek’s character in comedy-drama
    Beatriz at Dinner]. We need to come together to protect the world. We are all part of one race. It’s divided by territories, but we are one race. The immigration crisis? You either have to deal with it now or you have to deal with it later, because it’s not going away, and it will continue to grow. There is no way that you can isolate yourself from it; you have to confront it. Nobody’s really looking for the global solution. The next generation has a lot of burden, we are really creating a big mess for them. It will be a bleak future.

    Don’t Let Yourself Off
    The Hook

    My advice is to use the frustration

    “I love the word Curvy; it’s artistic. It’s Beautiful, there is a flow to it. A straight line can be Boring


    Art direction: Gemma Stark. Hair: Mari Ohashi at Lga Management. Makeup: Alex Babsky at Premier using Lancôme. Nails: Pebbles Aikens at The Wall Group. Set design: Derek Hardie Martin. Tailoring: Chapman Burrell. With thanks to House Of Hackney and Romo Fabrics

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