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  • How To Feel Good Before, During And After Exercise

    Be Dynamic: “Warming up and cooling down are non-negotiable for Maria; she mixes active and dynamic stretches to increase her heart rate, temperature and blood flow. Try spreading your legs wide then reach each arm forward and upwards, holding for two seconds and repeating 10 times. To cool down, stand on one leg and reach forward with both arms, forming a T position. Hold for ten seconds on each leg and repeat five times.”
    Mix It Up: “To keep Maria motivated, I take her out of her comfort zone daily – keeping the workout fresh means she stays alert. I get her to focus on her core with planks; boost her endurance with running intervals; and I make her squat for strength, good posture and overall athleticism.”

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    Stretch Yourself: “Stretching is just as important as exercise: it increases circulation to lengthen and create leaner muscles, plus it improves posture. I put Maria in a lunge position, lower her hips to the ground, hold for 15 seconds and repeat three times per leg.”
    Fuel The Right Way: “Pre-workout, Maria eats healthy fats like nuts to give her a slow release of energy, and fruit for good carbs with vitamin value. Afterwards, she always has a protein shake to speed up her muscle recovery.”
    Rest To Recover: “Rest days are crucial for the body and mind to recover; Maria’s mantra is ‘Work + rest = success.’ As a pro athlete she has one or two rest days a week, but for an average regime, allow one rest day per two workouts.”

    “Rest days are Crucial. Maria’s Mantra is
    ‘Work + rest = Success’”

    As told to Danielle Fox. Photograph: Getty Images

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