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    It sounds like a lot of effort to
    me, Miranda. Can’t we just coast?

    “Haha!” She laughs in her poised, ladylike way. Then, keeping an eye out for waiters, she says, “Here, this will sort you out,” and produces a homemade protein shake from her personalized Louis Vuitton handbag. “Almond milk, prunes, papaya and some other stuff.”

    Kerr was like this the last time
    we met, almost two years ago – she sat me down and gave me soup, juice and tea. I assumed it was because we were in her house in Malibu and she was just being a warm host, but this time we’re in a hotel and she’s at it again. The shake is just the start; now she’s pouring sachets of a brown cocoa-
    looking powder into water and presenting me with the muddy,
    silty mixture that tastes of blueberries. Quite nice, actually.

    “That’s noni, a skinfood supplement. It’s a superfood,” explains Kerr. “It’s got 100 vitamins and minerals. I’ve been drinking it since I was 13. You can make noninis, too.”

    What, like little ones?

    “No, silly! With champagne.” 

    “If an Opportunity comes up, I think, ‘Is this best for my Family?’ and, ‘Will it interrupt Kora?’”

    Do I believe in magic? Supermodel Miranda Kerr wants to know. “Well, not magic but, you know, energy and intention,” she says. “That’s what life’s all about.”

    It’s 10 in the morning at the Hotel Bel-Air and we’re at a cozy corner table looking at breakfast menus. Kerr is wearing a flower-print Prada dress and heels, and her
    eyes are animated. She loves talking about magic and energy, and it seems especially fitting today, what with the solar eclipse just beginning above us.

    “I believe that everything that happens in life is for our own growth and learning. And when we learn those lessons, new ones come along. Which is good. Who doesn’t want to expand and grow?”

    Poncho by Rosetta Getty; dress by Ganni; bodysuit by Wolford; boots by The Row


    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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