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  • adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns, and the coveted part of Laureline in cult director Luc Besson’s sci-fi blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (for which she recorded a song on the soundtrack, too).

    In fact, this is probably the worst time for Delevingne to publish a book. The path of high-profile model to credible actress never did run smooth, and the rulebook advises that, at this critical point in proceedings, she should hunker down to focus on building dramatic gravitas and box-office success. So, really, why do it?

    Which I understand, I get it, but I want to earn their respect. And if I have to work harder to get it, then so be it.”

    Thirdly, and most importantly, Mirror, Mirror is a book Delevingne says she needed to write. It is a whodunnit with a brilliant and unexpected mid-story twist, but predominantly it is remarkable for its heartbreaking depiction of four teenagers who all identify as misfits. Their alienation reads brutally authentic because, despite the fact that characters Red, Leo, Naomi and Rose are not all rich, beautiful and popular like their creator, she has lived their loneliness in her head.

    “I always felt pretty weird and different as a kid, and that feeling was something I didn’t understand,

    “I always Felt pretty weird and different as a Kid. Being a teenager felt like being on a rollercoaster to Hell

    Firstly, “I was never very good at following rules,” Delevingne says slowly, with the careful consideration she gives all of her answers. Secondly, with success has come confidence and the desire to prove certain people wrong: “I’m talking about mean, critic-type people who don’t know my work that well, and don’t want to know. [To them] I’m seen everywhere, I’m privileged, and they don’t want to believe that I can actually do something else.

    Top by Carmen March;
      bra by Commando;
      skirt by Iro; boots by Isabel Marant


    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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