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    Find awe-inspiring salt flats, world-class art and a thriving food scene in Bolivia’s capital of culture. By Sarah Dickinson

    What To See

    Take a safari of a different
    sort to the stark plains of
    Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flats. Fine-dining-style picnics and giant cacti-lined outcrops more than
    make up for the bumpy ride. 

    Add To Bag

    Take the long road less traveled to the epicenter of South American culture:
    Bolivia is a nomad’s paradise of desolate
    off-road drives, Inca trails and alpaca sightings atop the snow-capped Andean mountains. Plan a trip in early November
     – the 9th, to be exact – to experience the colorful celebrations of the sacred Día
    de las Ñatitas
    (Day of the Skulls). Weird
    and wonderful in equal measure.

    Day Tripper

    For stunning scenery,
    head out of town to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats

    Where To Eat

    With wooden interiors, intimate lighting and bold splashes of color, Gustu, from Noma’s Claus Meyer, is minimal in every sense – except the menu. Push your palate with llama, lizard or Amazonian fish stew.

    Where To Stay

    The exquisite Atix Hotel
    showcases Bolivia’s burgeoning cultural scene and breathtaking terrains. It houses the works of native artist Gastón Ugalde (aka “the Warhol of the Andes”) to boost the mind, and a luxurious infinity pool to do the same for your body.


    Fashion: Sarah Stalder. Photographs: Robert Harding Picture Library / National Geographic Creative; courtesy of Design Hotels; Luis Fernandez / Gustu

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