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  • the ’90s I did tons of commercials; random movies; That ’70s Show, when I was 14. I went to high school while on ’70s, and got into college. [But] work started at 10am, so I had to take a 6am class to get there on time – never going to happen. So I asked my parents’ permission to defer. They said, ‘Ok, but if you do this, it’s your job, it’s not a hobby anymore.’

    : And your parents came [to the Us from Ukraine] when?

    : In 1991. I was seven.

    : Have you been back?

    : Two months ago, for the first time. We were shooting The Spy Who Dumped Me [co-starring Kate McKinnon] in Budapest, which is near Ukraine, so Ashton [Kutcher, Kunis’ husband] said, ‘On your birthday, let’s go.’ But I was never going to go without my parents. So my parents came to Budapest, then onto Ukraine, and Ashton and I went for one day. It was trippy. There’s a part of you that wants to feel something towards [the place].

    I had nothing. We landed and Ashton was like, ‘No?’ [and I was like], ‘Yeah, nothing. I got nothing for you, babe.’ We went to our [old] house and I knocked on the door because we really wanted to look inside. And [the owner] was like, ‘No!’ She did not care. I said, ‘I used to live here when I was little, my parents are here…’ She wouldn’t even open the door. The whole experience was very humbling.

    : Where’s home for you?

    : Where my family is – La.

    Kh: I
    remember in the first Bad Moms when your girl [Wyatt, now 3] was on your lap. She was so little, but the way she held you with her little paw was just like…[gasps]. It’s so beautiful to see; your [bond] is so strong. We’re so lucky we have a gig in which we’re able to have [our kids] with us.

    : So lucky. Our kids have a crazy fun life where they visit at work [Kunis and Kutcher also have an 11-month-old son, Dimitri]. I take it for granted; I take so much of my life

    Dress by Giorgio Armani; earrings by Miu Miu; bag by Lanvin


    Words: Emma Sells. Fashion: Jessica Steuart. Photograph: Bruce Anderson

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