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Art of Style

Meet the model: Dorit Revelis


Age: 17

Nationality: Israeli

Résumé: Since busting on to the scene with a starring role in Calvin Klein’s SS17 campaign – one of the most sought-after gigs in the industry – Dorit Revelis has gone on to walk for everyone from R13 and Off-White to Miu Miu, not to mention becoming one of the faces of Sonia Rykiel and Ralph Lauren.

Israel is my home. I am still in school, living at home with my parents in my hometown, Ashdod, near Tel Aviv. I wouldn’t mind living in another country at some point, but only for two or three years maximum. All my family and friends are here. I am super-close to my older brother and my parents – they’ve always been so supportive of my career. If I wasn’t modeling, I’d be living a totally normal teenage life. I make it a priority to stay on top of my school work and keep in touch with my friends. However, finding that balance isn’t always straightforward.

Modeling gets easier with every job. I wasn’t a natural right away, but now it feels right. Growing up, I wasn’t particularly interested in fashion, but when I was 14 years old I saw a TV show about model Sofia Mechetner and how she started out. I emailed her agency with a few pictures and they signed me right away.

I love traveling. The best thing about modeling is shooting in exotic locations; I love getting the chance to see beautiful places all over the world. My favorite place so far is Costa Rica – the landscape is stunning. And I’d love to go to Australia one day. Modeling means you’re constantly traveling, which has made me really ruthless when it comes to packing for each trip: I only take the things I actually need. The only downside is the jet-lag.

I live in sneakers. My Nike Air Force 1s are definitely the most-worn pieces in my closet. Day to day, my style is simple and comfortable, but I do like to get dressed up for the evening. Working in fashion has had a huge impact on what I wear. I understand now just how special clothing can be.

The best thing about modeling is shooting in exotic locations; I love getting the chance to see beautiful places all over the world

My mother is my role model. She’s a great woman. When she moved to Israel from Ukraine she dreamed of being a model, but it never happened for her, so she is always encouraging me to follow my dreams. I feel like, with my career taking off, I’m making her dreams come true, too; she’s so proud.

There’s no single thing I’m striving towards. I’d just love to work with more major brands. However, I know that it’s important not to get caught up with what other people are doing. I just need to believe in myself and follow my own path.

Having a social media presence is essential. Today, models are expected to be active on every platform. I understand that it’s part of my job, but I don’t particularly love that side of modeling. I just make sure that I only share the things I am comfortable with; I like to keep some of my life private.

Playing the piano helps me relax. I first learnt around five years ago and I love it. I mostly play classical music and I’ll often watch YouTube tutorials to learn new pieces. When I was younger, I did rhythmic gymnastics, which involved a lot of training. I stopped competing when I started modeling, but exercise is still a big part of my life. I have a trainer who I work with three times a week, doing weights and aerobics.

I prefer not to wear makeup. Being on set you can pick up a lot of great beauty tips and tricks, but honestly, I’d prefer to be completely natural than wearing full glam. The only products I can’t live without are lip balm and eyebrow gel. I don’t even do anything special to my curly hair – I just wash it and go!


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