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The skin game changer: Lixirskin Vitamin C Paste

Just when you thought that your face had enough creams, serums and masks to cater for its every need, along comes this super-focused treatment, backed up by the best skincare pedigree possible. NEWBY HANDS explains why it’s a must for your beauty bag


What’s so good about it?

You won’t have heard of Dr. Colette Haydon, but you will have used at least one of the famous products she has created for global brands over the last 30 years. As one of the most sought-after product formulators, when it came to creating her own range, Lixirskin, she knew exactly what she wanted: “Active ingredients that I know really deliver.”

The standout star

Vitamin C is the gold standard of any good skincare collection, renowned for its multi-layered benefits – it brightens dull skin almost instantly, boosts new collagen and is a powerful, protective antioxidant. But Dr. Haydon’s approach, with her new wash-off vitamin C paste, is different. “Vitamin C is ascorbic acid and I never like leaving any type of acid on the skin all day, so by using it as a rinse-off mask you get the brightening effect and there is still enough absorbed [by skin] to do the long-term job of boosting collagen.”

How to use it

First, deep clean your skin with the Electrogel Cleanser – it’s negatively charged, working like a magnet to attract the positively charged pollution particles (usually notoriously difficult to remove) and dirt – then apply the vitamin C paste to still-damp skin. Leave it on as long as it takes to brush your teeth, then rinse off. Your skin should be softer, cleaner and glowing.


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