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How to find your ideal eyeliner

The question of how to find the best eyeliner for your eye shape is answered at last: at Marc Jacobs’ SS18 show, makeup artist Diane Kendal created six versions of a classic cat-eye look to suit each model. “Eyes were entirely rimmed with black,” says Kendal. “We lined the upper and lower lashes and inside the water line, then tweaked the thickness and shape of the liner according to each girl’s eye.” Here’s how to find your perfect flick. By EVIE LEATHAM


Almond eyes

Anything goes with this classic shape. At Marc Jacobs, Kendal outlined the inner corners and followed the natural lash line: “Almond-shaped eyes already have length, but a small flick at the outside corners really opens them up.”

Round eyes

Follow the natural line of the lashes, creating an exaggerated winged shape at the outer corners to make them appear more feline. For added precision, Kendal applied “Scotch Tape underneath the outer corner of the eye, placing it at the angle you want, using it as a guide”.

Wide-set eyes

“The benefit of wide-set eyes is that you can exaggerate the liner in the inner corners of the eye without making the eyes look small,” says Kendal. Using a waterproof liner will ensure it remains smudge-proof.

Close-set eyes

To give close-set eyes the illusion of being wider apart, “keep eyeliner super-fine and tight from the inner corners to the middle of the eye on both lower and upper lashes,” says Kendal. “Then thicken it from the middle of the eyes to the outer corner, extending into a wing that ends in line with your brows.”

Hooded eyes

The problem here is that even the best eyeliner can often transfer or smudge onto upper eyelids. “The trick is to keep liner very thin and tight along the lashes,” says Kendal. “Afterwards, apply translucent powder over the liner and lid to blot excess moisture, then retrace the eyeliner for intensity.”

Downturned eyes

Use a well-placed flick to lift the eye. Kendal advises using the aforementioned tape trick so that you can play with the angle, then “thickening the liner as you work from the middle of the eyes towards the outer corners.”

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