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Olivia Palermo’s Daily Skin, Hair And Makeup Hacks

Fashion influencer and beauty entrepreneur OLIVIA PALERMO shares her strategic approach to skincare, extensive LBB of ‘glam-fam’ experts, and her top tips for pulling together the perfect look

Olivia Palermo


As soon as I wake up…

…I look at my phone. But I always have some quiet before the storm to set myself up for the day. Then I shower, do my workout, shower again and I’m ready to start my morning.

I’m very close with both my dermatologists

You have your skin your entire life, so it’s something you need to maintain from an early age. I was very fortunate to have had Dr. Dennis Gross as my dermatologist since I was 14, and I get weekly medical facials from Anna Custer at his office. I also see dermatologist Dr. Robert Anolik and I check in with him every two to three weeks; your skin’s always changing, so you want to make little adjustments.

Less is more

I don’t try everything under the sun, and I use serums only, as my skin rejects heavy creams and too much product. I cleanse with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Pore Perfecting Cleansing Gel and, if I need extra exfoliation, I swap in 111Skin Clinical Exfoliant. I like the 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Serum and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster, which I mix with my Olivia Palermo Beauty’s Prime Time Illuminating Serum. I also use Dr. Gross’s Wrinkle Defense Sunscreen SPF30, as it’s really lightweight, and Augustinus Bader The Cream on my body, which nourishes my skin and leaves it feeling very soothed.

I didn’t think there was room for improvement with my hair…

…but since using Milbon haircare, I’ve realized there was! I’ve also been using an apple-cider rinse – my hairstylist gave me this tip and it totally resets your hair.

I don’t really have ‘bad’ face days

I’m religious about my weekly facials and LED red-light treatment at Joanna Vargas – I swear by it – so I don’t have such an imbalance day to day. Plus, I plan ahead, so when I’m in France, say, where the water makes my skin drier, I make sure I carry all the right products with me. And my colorist might give me a leave-on treatment, so my hair color doesn’t change with the different waters, too.

My pre-shoot tip…

…is to slap my face a bit – this, plus some cold water and face rolling, really gets the circulation going. You definitely see a result!

I always fly a day early…

…so I can wake up the next day ready to go and feeling really refreshed. When I fly, I don’t use anything on my face – instead, I have a shower and do all my skincare when I arrive.

I’m a diehard Tracy Anderson fan…

…and have been following her method for many years. I’m also starting to incorporate yoga back into my routine to get a bit more namaste into my life.

I have an incredible ‘glam fam’…

…including my hairstylist, makeup artist and hair colorist, plus skincare experts, dermatologists, dentist and orthodontist – I have such a great relationship with them all and check in with them regularly. I speak to my skin doctors almost weekly or every other week, and I see my hairdresser and colorist every three weeks without fail – no matter where I am in the world, I will make sure I’m home to see them.


If I need a little extra zhuzh

…I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask, which makes you look like a blue smurf, but it gives me that boost. If my makeup artist thinks I need it, we’ll also put on one of the 111Skin eye masks, too. To be honest, though, as I stick to my skin routines so religiously, I don’t have times when I need to do more – having structure is really important for your skincare.

There’s no miracle product

I can’t stress this enough – that you have to discover what works for you. Dr. Anolik and I sit down each week and go through my skin and my travels, and he talks about any new machines and what works, and what doesn’t. Sometimes I do a heat (radio-frequency) treatment for collagen, other times microdermabrasion, but less is always more.

Beauty tells a story the same way fashion can

Sometimes I could be more focused on a statement lip – my Rosebud is a favorite shade, and I often mix it with Sante Fe. Or, say I have denim and sequins on, maybe I’ll do a cool stained lip and less of an eye. Other times it’s more of a smoky eye, but playing off the different colors with an aubergine or brown liner – the color palette depends on the story I am telling. But I’ll do it in the moment; I don’t plan my looks.

I see a combination of skin therapists…

…and that’s what makes the difference. I see Anna regularly, and in London I go to 111 Skin. Recently I started seeing Mimi Luzon and now she takes care of myself and my husband Johannes – she keeps us looking fresh.

I shower multiple times a day

I like to be squeaky clean and I love fresh fragrances – I’m a big fan of Aerin Lauder’s scents and have been testing out her Wild Geranium.

If I’m tired but wired…

…sometimes I just have to force myself to go to sleep, and chamomile tea definitely helps.