How To Detox Your Skin

You’ve sworn off sugar, cut back on processed carbs and block-booked a series of Pilates classes – but what about your skin? NEWBY HANDS shares her easy detox tips


Steam + AHA = glow

It’s a simple tweak, but any time you use an AHA or glycolic-peel mask, use it in the bath or shower. The steam will activate it to give you even softer, more glowing skin. Alternatively, use it with a facial steamer, so you get the heat boost plus extra hydration. Also, it’s worth remembering that AHAs do so much more than just smooth the skin’s surface: similar to retinols, when used regularly, they work deep to help balance the skin.

Choose a clay mask

A world away from the old-school solid-as-rock clay masks that we used to have, the new generation are creamy, transformative and luxurious. I love using a clay mask (Dr. Sebagh’s Skin Perfecting Mask and Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask are my favorites) after a long-haul flight or a busy day in the city; whenever I feel my skin needs a really deep clean. US-based aesthetician Joanna Czech says her skin-detox trick is to massage in a cleansing oil and, without removing it, apply a clay mask on top. “Then massage the two together rather than letting the clay set,” she says. “It deep-cleans pores and leaves your skin healthy and plumped up.” Alternatively, Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Cleansing Ritual is a genius two-step kit that includes a cleansing balm and a charcoal cleanser.

Have a salt bath

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just use a big cupful of basic table salt. In the same way that our mothers soaked childhood cuts in warm salt water, relaxing in a salt bath deep-cleans the skin’s pores. “It works unlike anything else,” says Noella Gabriel, co-founder of Elemis. “We all know about Epsom and sea salts, but really, everyday table salt is so good for gently yet deep-cleaning and restoring the skin.”

Treat your body with a foot soak

“In Chinese medicine, soaking the feet in warm water is an efficient way to detox the whole body, which means a healthier skin,” explains Traditional Chinese Medicine expert Katie Brindle. “It slightly raises the body temperature, which activates the blood and energy throughout the body, and it can be surprisingly effective. You can add mineral salts (bath salts), but I like to add slices of fresh ginger, as it’s a powerhouse for boosting energy and your health in general.”

Take a minute to massage

Without a doubt, facial massage is one of my favorite things for changing any skin – even the dermatologist and skin experts I work with have been raving about its benefits. “When I do it regularly, I see the results in just a matter of weeks – it really makes a difference,” says Dr. Barbara Sturm. Best of all, stimulating the skin’s micro-circulation – whether with your hands, a face roller or gua sha – brings nutrients to the skin and removes debris, giving skin an internal deep-clean. Just 30 seconds a day massaging in your cleanser, face oil or, as Dr. Sturm does, a moisturizing mask, is enough to give skin a healthy glow within a few days.

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