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6 of the best vitamin C skincare boosters

Vitamin C should be a staple in every skincare routine, says SUZANNE SCOTT. Here’s how to find the right beauty zing for you


“I love vitamin C,” says New York-based dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. “It breaks up pigmentation and prevents more from forming, plus it produces collagen and brightens and lifts the skin. It is one of nature’s great anti-agers – everyone benefits from using it.”

When you take your daily dose is up to you, says Dr. Gross – it’s how you apply that is the important thing. “Apply products with a thinner consistency before the thicker, creamier ones,” he advises. As for what will work best for your skin type? We’ve got you covered…

BEST FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

The form of vitamin C used in this serum penetrates better than some other varieties, so it works in the long-term to boost healthy collagen while still brightening skin in the short-term. Plus, unlike many serums, its milky texture has added moisturizers, including glycerin, which makes it the perfect choice for any skin that feels dry, tight or dehydrated.


Used like a face mask, this lightweight paste should be applied to (clean) dull or morning-after skin. Leave for a few minutes while you brush your teeth, then rinse off; skin should look visibly fresher, brighter and clearer. It’s meant to be used each morning, but you can just keep it on hand for when needs must – pre-zoom meeting or post-workout…

BEST FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Zelens Power C Treatment Drops

Vitamin C works because it slightly aggravates skin, so if yours is prone to inflammation and redness, then these drops are the answer. It has a lower percentage of vitamin C, so is gentler and better tolerated on reactive complexions. Add two to five drops into your palm, then press your hands over your face. Rich but not greasy, it’s wonderfully soothing.

BEST FOR TACKLING LINES Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C + Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum

Combining vitamin C with collagen amino acids, this serum does double duty to boost your collagen levels and firm up skin. You need very little – one or two pumps on clean dry skin is plenty. The oil-based texture feels really luxurious and particularly soothing in drier or colder climates, and in-flight.


The brilliance of this high-potency vitamin C powder lies in its versatility, because you can apply it in whichever way suits your skin and your time. Use alone by pressing the powder over clean, dry skin; mix it into your serum or face cream; or even add a ‘shot’ to your foundation.

BEST FOR 360 BODY PREP Natura Bissé C+C Vitamin Body Cream

This body cream is specifically formulated to prep skin before sun exposure for a flawless, even finish. A powerful antioxidant, the added vitamin C helps the skin build up its natural sun-protection factor and UV defenses. Use daily for one month in the lead up to summer. The lovely lightweight texture and zesty, uplifting scent makes it perfect for warm-weather use.

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