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How To Refresh Your Makeup Look For Fall, According To Margot Robbie’s Makeup Artist

Known for her work with red-carpet regulars including Barbie movie star Margot Robbie, celebrity makeup pro PATI DUBROFF shares the secrets to a brighter, more modern makeup look for the season ahead – from the fail-safe technique of face icing to mastering the eyeliner look that works for you. By MALENA HARBERS

Margot Robbie

Skin prep reigns supreme

“When it comes to prepping skin, ice is my go-to,” says Dubroff. “It’s the one thing that almost everyone has access to, so it’s easy. If I’m doing work in hotels, I ask for an ice bucket to be sent to the room where we’re doing makeup and hair. And, personally, if I need my face to look ‘snatched’ right away, I have metal-based facial tools that go in a cup of ice – or that live in the freezer at home – that are ready to go.” Even simpler, Dubroff advocates using two metal spoons after leaving them on ice for a few minutes. Simply smooth the backs of the spoons over skin in an upwards and outwards motion. “It’s amazing what metal and ice can do to instantly make skin look firmer, brighter and more alive.”

Glowing skin is always in…

…but, for fall 2023, go for a more velvety finish, says Dubroff. “As we move into the next season, the air is drier, and skin will also look a bit drier, so this kind of finish is playing into that in a healthy way.” To get the look, opt for a slightly matte finish foundation or, if you like a more lightweight texture, you can still use summer’s go-to skin tints – the key is how you apply them. “Use a brush to get this velvety finish, being sure to thoroughly blend the color,” says Dubroff. Sponges are equally essential. “They’re great for taking away shine in areas where you don’t want it, such as on your T-zone. Simply press away the shine with a sponge, instead of packing on the powder, to keep skin looking fresh and natural, not powdered.” However, there is still place for powder, she stresses. “Use it strategically – only adding powder when the shine is too much.”

Revisit radiance

While the new-season finish is more matte than dewy, Dubroff stresses that it should still have natural-looking luminosity. To get this effect, she suggests using a liquid highlighter, in a cool-toned shade, blended on top of foundation into the high points of the face, such as the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and the chin. “I love using Chanel’s Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops, as they add cool, pink-toned radiance to any skin tone.”

Go electric

While extreme eyeliner is the new season’s edict – from extended feline flicks to inner- and outer-corner details and lived-in glam-grunge liner – Dubroff suggests taking your eyeliner application back to basics for ease. “I tell my clients to focus on the type of liner they’re comfortable with, and to get really good at it so they can just whip it out when needed. Why not bump up the thing that works for you and that you’re good at already?” If you do want to lean into the season’s liner trends, consider incorporating a hit of vibrant color. “Use an electric-colored eye pencil that’s as bright as possible, applied along the lash line, in the middle of your lash line only,” says Dubroff. “Keep it as a dash of color to make a statement in the center instead of everywhere all at once. Then, take a dark blue or black eyeliner along the outer and inner third of the lash line, keeping the middle bright, and blend them into each other. You can add brightness to the center to give it even more pop, and more dark on the corners to ground the look and define the shape. No one is going to get close enough to see if it’s absolutely perfect, so allow the outside corners to be a bit smudged out.”

Rethink your brow game

“Spend less time on brows next season,” says Dubroff. “We’ve all gotten tired of spending so much time on making our brows look perfect. I don’t want my brows or my client’s brows to look sparse, but I don’t want to spend all the time in the world on them either.” Here’s where the right products can help to shave minutes off of your brow routine. The newest lash and brow serums are full of nourishing, growth-stimulating ingredients to help your arches grow fuller, while tinted eyebrow gels will instantly add depth to sparse arches and keep them in place, too.

Use two shades of blush

Blush is an easy way to build natural-looking warmth on the skin, whatever the season. “I really like the combination of two creamy blushes in similar shades,” says Dubroff. “Use a warmer shade to sculpt underneath the cheekbones first, then use a brighter color – such as a cool-toned coral or pink – on the apples of the cheeks.” Blend these two shades well with a foundation brush, making sure the edges between them are all diffused. “By using the warmer tone, you will create more of a sculpted cheek effect.”

Pair lip liner and balm

“All I really want to wear is a really good tinted lip balm – I love Chanel Rouge Coco Baume – with a lip pencil. Using a lip pencil is a great way to change the shade of a tinted balm; you can lead it into one shade, or another, depending on the color of the lip liner beneath the balm. For an everyday, all-day, day-into-night look, this feels very fresh for fall, as it’s just so effortlessly pretty.”

Accentuate one feature at a time

Whatever makeup look you’re going for, Dubroff advises focusing on one main makeup element to keep it modern. “Throw on the statement piece of makeup and make it really perfect,” says Dubroff. “So, wear the most beautiful textured red Chanel lip and then strip back all your other features – for example, wearing no foundation and keeping brows more simple and your lashes really underdone. If you focus on liner and lashes, do a tinted lip balm in your lip color, which looks really sexy – just strip everything else back.”


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