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5 Makeup Artists On Their Top Hacks For A Fresh Summer Look

Want a natural-looking, seamless summer glow? We asked five red-carpet experts to share their tips for a luminous look – from MARY PHILLIPS’ strong blush technique to PATI DUBROFF’s skin-prep secret and GUCCI WESTMAN’s minimalist approach to foundation

As told to Malena Harbers
Taylor Russell; Adwoa Aboah; Kendall Jenner

Start with a facial tool

Pati Dubroff, makeup artist: “Spend just five or 10 minutes with a face roller or microcurrent device and you’ll be amazed by how radiant your skin looks before applying any makeup. It stimulates blood flow and gets the juices flowing – and when you start applying makeup from that place, as opposed to when your skin is cold, it makes a big difference. Depending on how much time I have, I alternate between using ReFa face rollers – they’re very high quality and you don’t have to charge them – and the NuFace for microcurrent stimulation. For more lasting benefits, use both types of tools on alternate days, a few times a week. The trick with any tool is to always move it in an upwards and outwards motion, never down.”

Layer foundation formulas for natural-looking, ‘lit’ skin

Gucci Westman, makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier: “I always layer light-to-medium liquid and cream foundation formulas together to allow your skin’s natural texture to shine through. You want it to look like you’ve put in minimal effort, even if you haven’t. The new-gen liquid formulas, like my Westman Atelier Vital Skincare Complexion Drops, buff right into skin to mimic your natural texture but with added polish and the right kind of radiant finish. If you feel like you need a little more coverage, build it with the same formula or spot-apply a concealer on top to address any blemishes or pigmentation, rather than opting for blanket coverage of a heavy formula. Finish with a dusting of powder to blur where necessary.”

Blush will make your skin look alive

Mary Phillips, makeup artist: “I’ve always loved a good ‘blushy’ look. I use both cream and powder formulas for the best effect. I first apply a cream blush, lightly dust it with a setting powder, then add more powder blush on top. When it comes to color and placement, I blend a muted or bronzy blush into the top of the cheekbone and on the forehead, slightly under the hairline – it shouldn’t be directly in the hairline. Blending the blush in places other than the cheeks will make your makeup look more cohesive. To finish, I then go in with a brighter color on the apples of the cheeks.”

Update the smoky eye with nude shades

Sheika Daley, makeup artist: “I love a washed-out, smoky-nude look on eyes, when there’s no cut crease but a halo of color without it being too dark. So, do your smoky eye with a bronzer or a darker eyeshadow tone and really blend it out to perfection over the crease, almost up to the brow, so that it’s nearly invisible but gives a beautiful, diffused color. Then add a pop of shimmer on the lid for added freshness, plus a hint of eyeliner and mascara to transform the game. For added drama, you can use a darker shade, or even black, just at the outside corners of the eye for a gorgeous cat-eye effect.”

Apply bronzer with your fingers

Daniel Martin, makeup artist: “The secret to natural-looking, sun-kissed skin is to mimic where the sun hits your face. The best way to do this is by using two fingers (ring and middle) to apply the bronzing product on the highest parts of the face. Using your fingers in this way – not a brush – means that you have more control and can build up color little by little, rather than applying it full throttle; I use my hands a lot to build up makeup. To get this second-skin finish, you want to feel as if you’re working the bronzer into your skin. Look for a formula with a creamy finish that will hold up in the heat.”


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