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The 9 beauty gadgets our beauty director swears by

Whether you want to rejuvenate, illuminate or detoxify your skin, these are the beauty, gadgets, tools and devices that are easy to use and deliver results. By NEWBY HANDS


Many of the more intriguing new launches in recent years have not included the usual creams and serums, but the sort of gadgets that were previously only found in doctors’ clinics or ultra-luxe spas. From rejuvenating dermaplaning devices and skin-tightening radio frequency to jade gua sha tools and rose-quartz face rollers, these new arrivals are elevating our daily regimes and transforming our complexions. These are our beauty director’s favorite tools to try…

THE GLOW-GIVING DERMAPLANING TOOL Dermaflash Luxe Anti-Aging Exfoliating Device

Taking the concept of exfoliation a step further – and a few layers deeper – dermaplaning has become the most-asked for in-clinic treatment. The skin’s surface is scraped off using a scalpel blade to reveal a smoother, fresher face underneath. This close shave also removes any peachy fuzz, leaving you with an IRL glass-skin finish. Now, with nearly 25 years of dermaplaning experience behind it, Dermaflash lets you do the same, safely at home. Used in small downward strokes, the blade painlessly lifts off that dead top layer. It feels scratchy but that’s all, and the glowing results are truly wonderful – used every few weeks, the effects really last. I suggest using it prior to loading up on hydrating serums or a nourishing face mask – or, even better, actives such as retinol, as products penetrate better post-planing.

THE SKIN-FIRMING DEVICE Tripollar Stop X Facial Skin Renewal Device

As the gold-standard clinical treatment for firming skin, radio frequency (RF) uses controlled heat damage to trigger repair by creating new collagen. The result? No downtime and a plumper, tighter complexion. However, ‘damage’ no matter how ‘controlled’ is not something most of us would happily do at home. But developed by the world’s largest laser creators, the Tripollar X (FDA-regulated as a medical device in the US) warms to a comfortable 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius), as you move it over your face. Plus, it works in, not on, the skin, so there’s no redness. Expect an instant, if short-term, tightening, but use it twice weekly and your skin will get that beautifully refined finish.

THE FACE-SHAPING ROLLER Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Roller

Well-established as the gadget of choice for soothing the mind along with the skin, LA-based esthetician Angela Caglia has been at the forefront of making rolling mainstream. Combining the sculpting effects of rolling (roll upwards only, not back and forth), and the healing benefits of rose quartz (it stimulates the heart chakra) with the science of sonic vibration (aids penetration), this roller treats on many levels. Use over a sheet mask or cream to boost absorption. And, as Caglia herself recommends, first warm the head in hot water for 20 seconds to relax tension; or chill in iced water to de-puff and firm.

THE ULTIMATE FACE SCULPTOR NuFace Trinity All-In-One Facial Toning Set

Make this micro-current device a regular (ideally daily) part of your beauty regimen and the results can be quite amazing. FDA-cleared, NuFace stimulates tissue (skin, muscles, connective tissue) and circulation so cells are kept in optimum health. The current is painless and after just one five-minute session, you should see the difference in the contours of your face and features. Having used it every morning (while watching breakfast news), within less than a week I could see a new definition in my cheekbones and a real change in the quality of my skin. It even helped lift my brows after a too-strong Botox top-up left them looking flat.

THE NATURAL SKIN REJUVENATOR Hayo’u Jade Precision Beauty Restorer

It may be an ancient Chinese treatment but gua sha could not be hotter right now. This crystal tool (usually jade) is ‘scraped’ over the skin. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments it can leave welts, however, in your own bathroom it should do no more than flush the skin. Using water or oil for ‘slip’, work the tool in small strokes one way over the skin – or, on any puffiness, lay it flat. The idea being that it stimulates circulation (for healthy cells) and releases areas of tension and stagnant energy. Excellent on tight jaw muscles and lingering headaches (working along the brows), it’s like a morning workout for face, skin and energy levels.

THE COMPLEXION CLEANER Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner

First, a warning; this one could prove to be addictive. A mini vacuum that mimics the extraction section of a really good facial, and as its created by esthetician Sarah Chapman (she prepped the Duchess of Sussex for the wedding), is more sophisticated than anything you may previously have tried. Ideally, use it after a bath or shower when your skin is warm. Then, step 1) use one end to warm the skin; step 2) go into vibration mode to loosen blocked pores; and finally, step 3) work the vacuum nozzle upwards over your skin. The suction is strong, but it is painless and thoroughly, and impressively, effective.

THE SEAMLESS SKIN FINISHER Hourglass Retractable Kabuki Brush

If you want that flawless, second-skin finish to your makeup, this is the secret weapon – as used by makeup artists. Whatever you wear – tinted base, full-on foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer – and however you apply it – fingers, brush, sponge – if you finish your look by gently buffing a Kabuki brush in circles over your face, it blends away edges and makes it look as though you have amazing skin rather than great makeup.


Created specifically to deal with ‘second-day’ hair, this is the brilliant time-saver for any woman who wakes up to frizzy hair, fluffy ends and unwanted kinks that appear overnight. Simply heat up and run through dry hair – I also use it underneath the hair or under sections, as the two lengths of bristles work brilliantly to put back volume, while giving a sleek shine and beautifully polished finish in minutes.

THE HIGH-TECH LED MASK Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

A red-carpet treatment for every A-lister, this LED light-therapy mask is brilliant. It is FDA-cleared (rather than just the technology used being FDA-cleared) and it has red lights to boost collagen and blue to neutralize acne bacteria. I keep mine on the bedside table to use first thing in the morning on bare skin. The blue LED is particularly outstanding on swiftly treating breakouts or rashes.


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