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Mind & Body

Simone De La Rue’s AM/PM routine

SIMONE DE LA RUE, a former ballerina and the founder of cult fitness studio Body by Simone, has won a global A-list following thanks to her high-energy cardio classes and upbeat approach



Every day I wake up saying to myself…

…“I’m a vision of health and beauty.” My mother used to say it to me as a child.

I meditate as soon as I wake up…

…I light a candle to set my intention for the day, then meditate for 10 minutes on that intention or one of my favorite mantras.

I exercise to energize…

…I find just 10 minutes of cardio every morning boosts my metabolism and fires off good endorphins that put me in a happy mood. My schedule is always busy, but when I’m working towards a goal, I exercise five to six times a week for one hour. For maintenance, three times a week is enough.

One change I’ve made to my morning regime…

…is adding chia seeds to my smoothie – it gives me sustained energy, keeping me fuller for longer.

I work on my skin as much as my body…

…First thing in the morning, I cleanse my face with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate, apply a daily moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 30 and an anti-inflammatory under-eye cream. I also like to exfoliate or dry brush my body to get my circulation going and apply a thick body moisturizer. I do pretty much the same thing in the evening, adding a night cream.



I love a long, hot shower…

…I use Diptyque Eau Rose Shower Foam, which is my moment of indulgence – especially after a long day in the studio.

I always have room-temperature water and a candle on my bedside table…

…The candle is for meditation and setting a morning and evening intention, and the water is to make sure I’m always hydrated.

I think fitness is 80 per cent diet, 20 per cent exercise…

…My meals are predominantly protein-rich with a lot of vegetables – for me, the Paleo diet works best. I don’t eat many carbs, so dinner is usually turkey and greens like kale – I’m obsessed with kale.

Every night I journal…

…I write down all my dreams, goals and thoughts for my career and personal life.

Stretching before bed is non-negotiable…

…I do a 20-minute yoga cool-down sequence, which helps to relax and center me. I also use a foam roller to ease fatigued and tight muscles.

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