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November’s Birthstone: The Ultra-Chic Topaz Jewels To Buy Now

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Words Charlie Boyd
Clockwise from top: 18-karat gold, lapis lazuli and topaz cuff, David Yurman; 18-karat gold and topaz eternity ring, Shay; 14-karat gold, topaz and enamel necklace, Alison Lou; 18-karat gold and topaz earrings, Andrea Fohrman

Topaz: it’s one of the lesser-known gemstones, and one that many people find dificult to recognize, primarily because it is a chameleon of the gemstone world. Colorless, pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, blue and gray are just some of the shades natural topaz can be found in, and all in varying tones. If you believe in crystal properties, then the history of topaz is also a fascinating mix of mysticism. The Romans believed it would provide protection on long travels, while, during medieval times, it was believed to ward off evil when worn on the left arm. Some superstitions go as far as to suggest that it could cure colds and fevers, and enhance mental power.

Topaz is often set in yellow gold to emphasize its delicate yellow or sky-blue shades. And, although we can’t make any promises on the supernatural front, we can guarantee that topaz jewels will make a bewitching addition to your jewelry collection – especially for those born in November, whose birthstone it is. Andrea Fohrman’s dazzling topaz earrings are reminiscent of the azure hues of the Pacific Ocean, which is a frequent inspiration for the LA-based designer. Weighing more than 15 carats, her handmade earrings deliver a striking take on topaz, and will add a bold dash of color to fall/winter outfits. Consider wearing them with a caramel- or honey-hued knit to harness the complementary color wheel.

Elsewhere, David Yurman and Alison Lou have chosen to celebrate topaz by incorporating it into a theme of tonal blues. Lou’s signature ‘Cocktail’ necklace serves as the ideal home for a miniature topaz weighing just over half a carat. The blue enamel that frames the center stone enriches its punchy color, and it is the perfect pendant to slip into a flurry of fine chains – selecting three or four of her ‘Cocktail’ designs that will delicately clink and contrast is the ultimate goal. David Yurman, meanwhile, has paired topaz accent stones with lapis lazuli – royal-blue cabochons that sing from their yellow-gold settings. Yurman’s cuffs are inspired by a piece he originally created for his wife, Sybil, who he has since built his brand with. Together, they have become iconic figures of American jewelry design, renowned for the architecturally inspired aesthetic that permeates their modern collections of bangles, rings, hoops and chains.

More recognizable as ‘classic topaz’ is Shay’s topaz eternity ring, crafted using the clear variation of the stone that many of us are familiar with, which features a soft yellow tinge. Set into 18-karat gold, each emerald-cut stone lets light flood in, allowing maximum sparkle from all eight carats. A more affordable option than a diamond eternity band, this topaz style will serve as a chunky complement to an engagement ring with a plain setting, or can be paired with slimmer rings to create a scintillating stack on your middle finger. Not born in November? We won’t tell if you don’t…